Teacher Training Class 

Teacher Training Class will be held:

The first Thursday of every month starting in October. The classes start  at 9:00a.m. at the ministry office, 7065 RTE 522, Middleburg PA 17842.

We hope to see you there!

Is the training just for Good News Club Teachers?

No! Our Teacher Training Classes are designed to help you to be more effective in communicating the Gospel and helping the Christian child to grow in his relationship with Christ.

Will it help me to be more effective in teaching my Sunday school or Jr. Church?

Yes! As you learn to effectively communicate the Gospel and to conduct an effective class, you will see results.

What if I don’t use the Child Evangelism Fellowship Curriculum? What if I teach teens or adults?

Not a problem. An effective teacher can adapt their lessons to fit any curriculum. The skills taught in Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Teacher Training Class can be used for any program, even when teaching teens or adults

The purpose of Teacher Training Class is to help you communicate the truth of God’s Word effectively.

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