Free Professional Teacher Training Classes 

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to get free professional teacher training classes for your Sunday School Teachers!

Part of Child Evangelism Fellowship’s purpose is to teach other Christian adults how to teach the children.

Many times adults do not feel comfortable teaching children, and the children are left without proper instruction. It is our desire to place children, who have made a decision for Christ, in strong Bible-believing churches; who have a strong Sunday School program so that the children can grow. We would love to help strengthen your Sunday School by strengthening your teachers. The following list are a few of the topics that we offer; the teachers can choose topics that will meet their specific needs.

The classes meet at the convenience of the church or Sunday School group. E-mail us or call us at 570-837-6985 to schedule a class today!

Some of the Topics include but are not limited to:

→Leading a Child to Christ

→Characteristics of the Pre-school Child

→Characteristics of the Primary Child

→Strengthening Your Bible Memory Verse Skills

→The Wordless Book- An Effective Witnessing Tool

→Preparing and Presenting a Bible Lesson

→Applying the Bible Lesson to Today’s Child

→Challenging Children to Consecrate Their Lives to God

→What Makes Children Want to Listen

→Maximum Learning Through Classroom Control

→Characteristics of the Junior Child

→Helps in Giving the Invitation

→How to Make a Flannel Board

→Sharing Scripture Through Music

→Challenging Children with Missions

→Teaching Christian Children How to Pray

→Teaching the Pre-School Child

→Teaching the Child with ADD/ADHD

→Helping Children Learn to Win Over Sin

→How a Child Can Have Assurance of Salvation

→Teaching Christian Children How to Have a Quiet Time 

Who can take the teacher training classes?

Sunday School Teachers

Parents- these classes can better help parents teacher their children about the Lord

Those who teach teens and even adults- If you know how to teach a child, you can better know how to teach an adult.

Anyone who would like to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ can benefit from these classes.