Summer Missionaries



Summer Missionaries

Join us for an unforgettable summer!

You will have the privilege of attending a two-week training school at Mountain View Bible Camp. Several other students from different counties throughout Eastern PA will also gather at camp to receive the training. During this intense two-week period young people will have unique learning opportunities and experiences in taking God’s Word to spiritually-hungry children in the surrounding areas and the inner city of Harrisburg. They will also learn how to effectively teach every aspect of a 5-Day club program: such as how to teach a Bible lesson, missionary story, memory verse, and much more.

After graduating from Summer Missionary Training School, the summer missionaries will return to their counties to share what they have learned with the children for six weeks.

They will have opportunities to minister in 5-Day Clubs, Vacation Bible Schools, Camps, and Open-Air Work.

several hours of professional training

Open-Air Witnessing in Harrisburg

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a summer missionary; fill out an application today!